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 Aerial Support Flyovers

All requests for Air Force aviation support--flyovers, aerial reviews, aerial demonstrations, Thunderbirds--should be submitted on the Air Force aerial events website. The site includes guidance on how to submit a request, how to contact an Air Force unit, and appropriate forms. Events are normally supported on a voluntary basis and must not impact mission capabilities.

The 121st Air Refueling Wing has KC-135R Stratotankers that can be requested through this site.

The Department of Defense authorizes the Air Force to participate in flyovers for those recognition events held in direct support of the five patriotic holidays (Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Day and Veterans Day) and for aviation-related events, such as air shows and airport dedications. All non-aviation related events are processed as Exceptions-to-Policy and they cannot show preferential treatment to any single organization to include specific charities, or must be incidental to the non-aviation related event. Non-aviation requests may include sporting and other community-wide events but there must be a military connection on the ground during the time of the flyover and it must aide the Air Force in meeting our messaging and recruiting needs.

 Base Tours

Base tours are offered to local civic organizations, schools and youth groups to educate its members about the Air Force, Ohio Air National Guard and Rickenbacker. 

For more information on how to request a tour, please read our updated 2017 Base Tours and complete the Base Tour Request and Media Release forms for submission.



For information on the benefits of being an Air National Guardsman, visit the Air Reserve Personnel Center website.

 Contracting with the Air National Guard

Under the Federal Acquisition Regulations, any contracting opportunities/projects the National Guard undertakes are solicited via normal contracting procedures, including approval from the Acquisition Planning Board.

To find out about contracting opportunities with the National Guard, check out Small Business Programs - Special Staff - The National Guard

 Community Relations Program
The Ohio National Guard is a proud member of communities throughout Ohio in which our Soldiers and Airmen serve. For more information on our Community Relations Program, please visit
 Contacting Military Personnel

The Air Force World Wide Locator handles official and unofficial requests to locate Air Force Personnel. Official requests are defined as requests received from any government agency and the Department of Defense. All other requests are considered unofficial in nature.

The Air Force World Wide Locator only has location information on individuals who are currently receiving compensation from the U.S. Air Force (Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, and Retired Personnel). If the individual has separated from the Air Force, no information is available. To obtain or find out more information about the service, you can contact AFPC at:

Air Force World Wide Locator
550 C St West
JBSA - Randolph, TX 78150

Commercial: (210) 565-2660
DSN: 665-2660

If you need to contact a military member for emergency purposes, call your local Red Cross chapter -- go to the Red Cross Website 

 Military Records

For information on how to obtain copies of military records please visit or contact the National Personnel Records Center at:

National Personnel Records Center
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63138

Phone: 314-801-0800


For information on joining the Air National Guard please visit

To meet with a recruiter from the 121st Air Refueling Wing, contact the 121st recruiting office at 614-492-3797.


To receive Space-A flight information specific to Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base, please call our recorded line at 614-492-3143

 Supporting Deployed Airmen

Thank you for showing interest in supporting our Airmen deployed abroad. Due to operational security concerns, we cannot give you direct mailing addresses to our deployed Airmen.

If you are interested in providing support to a military family, please contact our Airman and Family Readiness Programs Director, Carolyn Ebert. (614) 492-4417